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Why Santu Nicola

Santu Nicola B&B is located in Gagliano del Capo, in the Southern part of Salento (Puglia), in the South East of Italy.
Here, in the heart of the Mediterranean, two seas come together; and here, since the beginning of time, many different people, cultures and religions meet.
The figure of Saint Nicholas of Myra perfectly represents this idea of coming together.
In Bari there is a basilica dedicated to him. It is a place of peaceful coexistence between religious practices and cultures. It is in the East of Italy, a place of pilgrimage from the East of Europe.
In Gagliano del Capo you find the church of San Rocco. On its facade there is a bas-relief depicting St. Nicholas. It is the only remnant of the ancient destroyed church of the Greek rite. It was incorporated into the new Roman church built in 1574. This was done to reflect the people’s love for this cherished saint.
St. Nicholas protects travelers, women and children. He is the saint of travel and gift.
For us, the richness of a journey lies in the exchange of experiences, the curiosity towards places and people, and the great gift that is the encounter with others.
We love this place at the edge of the earth, as we love the journey, feeling at home in the world. That is why we take pleasure in making you feel at home with us.
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