To book the rooms you need to pay a deposit corresponding to 20% of the total amount in the* BancoPosta account. On receipt of the deposit, we will send you a confirmation email. If you have your copy of the receipt with you, your reservation will be easier and faster.
Payments are done the morning after arrival, after breakfast. We are not equipped to accept credit cards, please provide the payment of your stay in cash.
By law, B & B’s are not required to issue any tax document. We issue a non-fiscal receipt stating the amount, and the period of your stay.
For a stay of one night staying there is an extra charge of 10 € per room.
In the event of a cancellation the client shall forfeit the deposit and will be required to pay the following percentages of the remaining sum:
  • 20% if cancellation is done less than 20 days before arrival;
  • 50% if cancellation is done less than 7 days before arrival, or in case of no-show.

* In accordance with the Italian Civil Law, the Regulations of the IAH and the FIAVET, a reservation is considered valid upon payment of a deposit called "earnest money".
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